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Letterbox Drops are Still an Effective Form of Advertising

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09:40 AM

A wide range of marketing techniques are being employed by small to medium businesses today. As digital marketing gains popularity, people are losing trust in traditional methods of marketing.

However, if done right, conventional marketing methods, such as letterbox drops, are still an effective form of advertising. While social media might have its fair share of benefits, old letterbox distributions have proven to be more effective than marketing efforts utilized on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Here are all the reasons why letterbox drops are still a potent and effective medium of advertisement:


Targeted Marketing

Every business owner wants to cut advertisement costs and double their profit. Using letterboxes for the distribution of marketing flyers can grab the attention of your audience at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, letterbox drops mean that there are higher chances that the prospective buyer will get a hold of your flyer or leaflet himself.

One of the best qualities of a well-presented flyer is that it offers products and services that consumers can look into at a time when they are not overwhelmed with work. Since most people pick up mail from their letterbox early at night or after work, this increases a business's chances of getting their content read by customers.



Letterbox drops provide flyers and leaflets that can be distributed to a larger audience. Hence, most of the promotional content used is easy to read and understandable. Most letterbox flyers present a simple, minimalistic design that does not distract customers from the main message of the flyer.

Hence, businesses can effectively inform customers about why their products or services are useful, and why they should be bought for homes, offices, or businesses.



Since letterbox drops ensure that the flyer or leaflet is directly placed into the hands of the customer and is personally viewed and delivered right at their doorstep, advertisement is more effective. Flyers and leaflets come in a physical form, and they cannot be easily missed even if they lie under a pile of mail. Hence, there are almost 90 per cent chances that your flyer or leaflet will be looked at as soon as someone checks their mailbox.

Moreover, when flyers are distributed through letterbox drops, businesses can instantly contact their prospective clients and assess the response they get on their products and services. There are higher chances of first-hand contact and conversation if clients are able to view flyers in the comfort of their own homes as compared to when they are on the go.


Easy to Produce

Did you know that letterbox promotional content does not require extensive planning? Most of these flyers and leaflets only need to market a design with a simple offer while having a nice layout and print. Unlike other forms of marketing, letterbox flyers do not need any detailed illustrations or typography.

Letterbox drops ensure fast, easy, and convenient methods of advertisement. They do not take too much planning and understanding; hence they promise a higher turn-up rate.


Looking to improve your marketing with the use of letterbox drops? Contact us today for the best prices and effortless delivery!