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5 Tips to Reduce the Chance of Your Leaflets Being Thrown Out

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09:36 AM

Since leaflets and flyers are not too expensive, people do not bother putting too much effort into them. However, this is what causes them to be thrown out by potential clients and customers almost instantly. Making a lousy flyer means pouring money down the train because it won't interest anyone.

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting your leaflets and flyers thrown out:

1.  Come Up with a Catchy Headline

Before you print a leaflet, ask yourself the goal of it. Who is your audience? Are you promoting a special product? Since your headline is the first thing customers will lay their eyes on, it should be attractive and attention-grabbing. While many companies believe that attaching the business name is enough, this is not true.

To engage your audience and get a higher return on your investment, come up with a headline that will spark their curiosity. Ask questions in your leaflet and provide clear-cut, simple answers so that most people can keep up with the knowledge that you are providing to them.

2.  Consider Your Market

Most people will throw out your leaflet if it does not interest them or address their needs. Hence, to reach a wider audience, consider printing different leaflets for each area of the city or for each event you attend. This method will ensure that you understand and connect with your target audience better.

Thinking about your target demographic while distributing leaflets and tailoring your headline to address important issues will keep people interested and stop them from throwing your leaflets straight in the trash.

3.  Give Incentives

Have you ever wondered why people throw away leaflets? Before taking it too personally, consider this: what real reason do they have to hold on to these papers?

By turning your leaflet into a coupon, offering a special deal, or giving your customers a code to use on some fancy website, you attract more people. Without having an incentive or reason to hold on to your leaflet, people are more likely to toss it out.

4.  Quality Designs and Materials

Spending too much money on a single leaflet is not advisable. You cannot spend an abundance of resources on expensive inks, hire a costly designer, and use loads of colored images, especially if you are printing your leaflets in bulk.

However, this does not mean that you use subpar paper and low-quality images. Remember, you need to attract your audience and keep them interested. Visual aids play an important part in advertisement and resonate better with people than designs that are pixilated and text that is barely readable.

5.  Experiment

All your leaflets do not need to be identical. The ones that you distribute downtown, for example, can be slightly or entirely different than the ones you hand out at events. However, the central concept in all leaflets should be the same.

Don’t be afraid to redesign your leaflets or add different textures and fonts. Spice things up till you are satisfied with what you come up with. Sending out sample leaflets to a group of trusted friends or family members can help you gain some feedback and understand how your audience feels about the content that you are producing.


Don't be afraid to reach out to leaflet and flyer distributors to help you target a wider audience and craft your dream design and content. Contact us today for affordable, attractive, and strategic leaflets.