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Not All Junk Mail in Your Letterbox in Junk

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10:00 AM

We all love receiving junkmail, well not really. Although it is known as junk mail, a lot of us bring it inside and enjoy it over coffee. And it does not end here. It goes on to other family members, and there is a good chance that one or more of your family members may find at least one interesting thing in the flyer or catalogue that was dropped in your mailbox this morning.

Australians love print media. According to a leading research firm, more Australians read the printed Aldi catalogue compared to a printed newspaper. Let's take a closer look at why junk or unaddressed mail you receive in your mailbox is not really junk.

It Keeps You Up to Date

Research indicates that many Australians find useful information on groceries, children wear, home décor, and much more using printed catalogues, flyers, and other promotional material dropped in the letterbox. Despite extensive digitalisation, print media is still one of the favorite ways to keep you updated.

Moreover, it gives you information about the latest fashion and home décor trends and the best price offers around the town. Even if you don't end up with the purchase, junk mail keeps you up to date.

The Information is Likely to Stay

When it comes to research and information collection, browsing over the internet is almost second nature. But the best way to browse at home is still print media. Whether you want to find out the latest trends in home improvements, or cosmetics, you will likely resort to all the junk that you receive in your letterbox. After all, you can touch and smell it, and because of its tangible nature, this piece of information is likely to stay in your memory.

It Makes You Act

Unlike digital junk that stays in your junk forever and goes unnoticed, printed junk mail is tangible, and you cannot resist bringing it inside your home. And once it is on your table, you hardly miss out on it. Because of its tangible nature, the information that print media provides stands out and quickly grabs attention. And the purpose does not end here. Since you can touch and feel it, it activates your brain centre that forms a positive association between your brand and potential customer. With a positive inclination towards a certain brand, you are more likely to act and make a purchase decision.

Print is Still a Favourite 

Millennials (people born between the early 80s to mid-90s) who are often thought of as the most media-savvy generations of all times are still fascinated by print media. According to research, Millennials respond more to print media compared to emails.

Obviously, the generations before the Millennials are still more inclined towards printed communication. So print is still one of the most preferred media for communication and advertisement.

Are you considering print marketing in a digitalised world? Contact us and find out about the most affordable and strategically designed leaflets.