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Letterbox Drops Can Be Actually Healthy

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13:44 PM

It’s true. Letterbox drops can actually be very healthy. A letterbox drop is not only one of the oldest and most important jobs; it also comes with many benefits for the person delivering the letters. The primary duties of a mailman include sorting out mail at the post office according to area, delivering the mail and packages to towns and cities, and collecting new mail along the route. Letterbox drops involve dropping off leaflets or brochures at people’s mailboxes as part of a marketing tactic. There are many benefits associated with this job.

Great for Exercise

Letterbox drops require a great amount of walking. Letter carriers usually have to walk long distances, especially if the areas are within a town’s vicinity. Walking long distances is good for the health as it improves circulation, which strengthens the heart and reduces the chances of heart diseases. It also helps you to lose weight and lightens up the mood. People who are used to walking daily enjoy the benefits of living a longer life and sleeping well.

Sun Exposure

Walking during the day can be especially healthy because it allows you to get sufficient sun exposure. Sunlight exposure for at least 2 hours in winters and 30 minutes in summers can significantly improve the quality of your health. Sunlight helps to fight off feelings of anxiety and depression. It allows you to sleep well at night and strengthens the immune system. Another important advantage of sun exposure is the strengthening of bones due to the vitamin D that comes from sunlight. Most people are unable to get enough sun exposure as they don’t walk much and prefer to stay indoors. However, letterbox drops bring you the added advantage of sun exposure.

Easy Money

Letterbox drop is a great source of earning money. You can take it up as a part-time or a full-time job, which will provide a decent source of income. Mail carriers in Australia earn about AU$48,228 per year. You can be as old as 16 years in order to start working as a mailman, which makes it a great source of income for youngsters. Moreover, aside from the basic pay, you also get compensated for overtime work. Some postal companies also provide health insurance, paid leaves, and retirement plans as well.


Another advantage of a letterbox drop is that you get to explore a lot. You roam around in various nooks and corners of the city or town, which can be very exciting. Sometimes, you might even have to visit a whole new area to deliver their mail.

Letterbox drop is indeed an exciting job with many health benefits. With the advancement of technology, there are new ways of delivering mail now. Nonetheless, letterbox dropping will always remain an integral part of the mail delivery system.