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Letterbox Drops Are a Cheap and Effective Way for Brand Exposure

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09:05 AM

There are numerous ways to advertise a company’s products and services, and there are several factors that determine the success and failure of a marketing campaign. The use of traditional forms of advertising has now become less frequent, but this is not the case with letterbox drops. The concept of using letterbox drops as a marketing tactic is still popular among many businesses since it has many benefits to offer. Some of the advantages of using letterbox drops for brand exposure are listed below.

Wide-Scale Exposure

Letterbox drops to various physical destinations and addresses have been an essential part of the marketing mix. It has been used for years as an effective way for brand exposure and marketing. It is an efficient way of reaching customers far and wide across an area and has the potential to communicate the brand’s message to a larger audience.

Unlike email or social media advertising, where most people turn a blind eye to annoying pop-ups and other advertisements, letterbox drops are a better way to create brand awareness. Most people are in the habit of checking their letterboxes every single day and are likely to come across one of the brochures or pamphlets about your business.

Better Customer Retention

One huge advantage that letterbox drops have is the physical means of advertising. Printed materials such as brochures, pamphlets, letters, posters, etc., have the ability to last longer with the customer due to their physical existence. Digital ads can quickly disappear and last for only a while in the mind of the customer. Moreover, the digital space is getting too crowded and has so much more to offer, which makes it easy for people to get distracted.


Letterbox drops are great for small businesses due to their low cost and easy distribution. You can also save up a lot on transportation costs as letterbox delivery can be tailored to people living in a specific area. This is a great plus point for starters or small businesses who are on a budget.

Straightforward and Easy to Understand

Letterbox drops have a straightforward approach. The information mentioned on the flyers and other promotional material is pretty simple and easy to understand. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to navigate certain pieces of information like in digital marketing.  The design is also simple with minimal content, which limits distractions and allows you to convey your message effectively.

Little Planning

Letterbox promotion does not require extensive planning. All you really need is a design and the content you want to print. Unlike other forms of marketing, letterbox drops are efficient, easy to manage, and very convenient to use.

If you are considering using letterbox drops for brand exposure and promotion, you could benefit in many ways. You will get instant results based on customer response. The best part is that letterbox drops don’t require much effort and don’t even need to be too fancy to catch someone’s attention. In today’s era of digital technology, using traditional means of advertising might just be the right thing for you. Get in touch with us here if you need to get your pamphlets dropped off across Melbourne. For more details, please visit our website