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8 Reasons to Use Leaflets in Your Marketing Mix

Posted By Admin  
16:00 PM

Are you using leaflet marketing?

We’re all well-versed in the benefits of social media and the internet for spreading our marketing messages. Let us quickly recap what some of the advantages may be:

• The potential reach you can attain with just a small shout out on Facebook can bring you leads with paid ads that don’t cost you very much.

• Social media is free to use

• Websites serve as a means of putting your product out there

• Potential customers can contact you easily from a quick Google search

So why bother with print marketing at all?

1. Target your customers where you want them

When you use digital adverts, the platform you are using has ultimate control over who gets to see your adverts. Granted, you do get some great targeting capabilities and can get some real insight into demographic data, behavioural and interest. But if you’re hair salon or a takeaway shop, what’s really important to you is that people in the streets surrounding your business address get to know about you and the services you offer. Leafleting is the way you can effectively market to a geographical location. With leaflet drops, you can select your postcode areas and drill down into the exact streets you want to reach.

2. Know people are seeing your messages

Digital adverts can give you numbers of impressions (people they’ve shown your ad to), but how do you know that those people actually saw them? They may have scrolled past your ad to look at a picture of a cute puppy. It’s highly likely your ad went by unnoticed.

When you perform a leaflet drop, the leaflets are there in the letterbox not to be missed. And this is especially powerful if you opt for standout distribution. With this delivery method, your leaflet doesn’t have to compete with other companies’ marketing. It has centre stage in your potential customer’s own home.

3. Be different from the competition

Everyone is online now. And that means everyone. Even your Aunt Ethel. People have all but replaced traditional marketing with digital. And no-one is saying you shouldn’t advertise online or build a website. However, if everyone is online and you have to bid large amounts of money to get the top spot in your preferred search engine for a chance at being noticed, well, you need another battleground, my friend.

The offline environment is where you have more control over being seen and where you can stand out. You play by your rules, get your marketing into the homes you want in the format you want. Worried about your ad image having more than 20% text? This isn’t an issue for print marketing. If you have a crazy idea for a design, Google won’t be able to penalise you.

4. Physical is more memorable

It’s true. If you’re not paying for re-targeting people will instantly forget your digital adverts. If you want lasting brand awareness, give people something they can touch. According to a study commissioned by the Canada Post, 75% of people remembered they name of a company they had recently seen a direct mail piece for compared to 44% after seeing a digital ad.

What’s more, according to the Direct Mail Association, 45% of people hang onto a leaflet as a result of a letterbox drop campaign. Therefore, if you don’t want to be forgettable, printed leaflet promotions is the way into your future customer’s consciousness.

5. Produce content that can be enjoyed anywhere

Producing printed material is not solely a matter of sell, sell, sell. A softly, softly approach is required to make your print marketing truly effective. That’s where content comes in. Think booklets, brochures, free magazines and newsletters.

Magazines and booklets can be enjoyed on the go, when your mobile phone has died, when you’re trying to avoid annoying Whatsapp notifications or when you’re going through a tunnel on your commute.

6. Pack more content into one place with minimal effort for the reader

A webpage tends to have one key focus. A digital ad fits only a small amount of information into a small selection of pixels. With social media posts, you’re constrained by the formats provided by the platform. With a leaflet, you have a wide variety of leaflet styles for fitting an array of content. You can add photos, text, contact details, maps, loyalty cards, vouchers and an article all on the one marketing piece if you so wish. And people don’t have to struggle to read any of it as it’s all in the one place. They can leave the scavenger hunt of hyperlink following for another company instead.

7. It’s physically shareable

Do you have one of those annoying friends who you send links to and they never even read it? Make it easy for your customers to reach their annoying friends with a shareable leaflet or print marketing piece. Add some vouchers your customers can give away to people they care about

8. Let’s you offer coupons and discounts more easily

With printed leaflets, you can give away vouchers that your customers can keep in their wallet for next time they want to pick up something from your store or get a beauty treatment. Even if you do work in their home, providing a discount voucher they can keep hold of and redeem when it comes to making payment is a simple low-fi means compared the complications of a digital voucher code.